Bring happiness
to the world through cars.


  • Never neglect making every effort for customer satisfaction.
  • Never stop challenging ourselves to be the better version of us
  • Never give up seeking any possibilities to meet customers request
  • Never forget the gratitude towards those people who cultivate us
  • Must be the one who can inspire others through our business
  • Must be the one who can show dreams to children through our business
  • Must be the one who sets a good example to others in the community
  • We first need to be happy with ourselves in order to make our customers truly happy.


Bring Happiness to the World through Cars.

Our company was established in 2001 as an automobile retail shop and during that 17 years we continued to reflect on how we can deliver happiness to our customers through our business. Now we are proud of skilled mechanics who can see the best way based on their rich experiences to handle a wide range of requests from customers. Furthermore, all the workers at ZEN believes that everything we have done for our customers to this day has been worth it because currently we have a great number of customers who have been coming back to our showroom, trusting us not only with their first cars but the second and more. We are extremely happy and grateful to see our customers leaving the shop with their dream cars. Nevertheless, we are always thriving to work even harder and be better to be your business partners.

goodness” motivating us to be good by doing goodness

practice” requiring us to train our skill sets daily

ZEN, that is to say...

forward” enabling us keep on going forward

whole” reminding all of us to work together as a whole


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We are specialized in not only all kinds of Japanese and foreign makes of used cars, but also almost all makes of brand new cars. Feel free to contact us and let us know the details of vehicles you need.



I am a CEO of ZEN CO.,LTD
Our networking is growing every day. Our sales representatives are designated and dedicated to each customer in different countries.Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.We have prepared ourselves to quickly adjust to changes of rules or regulations that a country or a region might bring, so you can trust us and leave your business to our company and our personnel.

the value of goods plus the value of people

From Japan to the world. From one person to another.


Hi, I am Sada. ZEN Co., LTD., is our company, dealing with Auction House, Second Hands, Used Vehicles, and Brand New Vehicles for exportation. Our company is located in Shiga prefecture in Kansai area, which is quite close and has a good access to Kobe port, Osaka port and Nagoya port. Now I am mainly in charge of Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia, but I am keen to expand my horizons and provide our service to all over the world. I believe we can share the happiness by doing business together, so please feel free to contact me. sada@zen23.jp / +81-90-2287-0023


Hi, I’m Emi. I’m from Mito, Ibaraki, a countryside in Japan but I fell in love with Shiga which is a prefecture with beautiful nature such as Mt. Hiei and Mother Lake, Biwa not to mention the wonderful Shiga people(Come visit us here, I’ll show you around:)). I love traveling, cooking, yoga, learning new things and more. I am about improving myself to be a better business woman, a better friend, a better family and a better human being. Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope to meet you soon and do businesses together that you and I can benefit from!!

Jackie's MESSAGE

the self introduction as follow: My Name is Jackie Yang. I am from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. I have traveled around the world and see distinct lifestyles, people and cultures, yet I am still deeply fascinated by the Japanese culture and people within. The personality of taking challenges and exploring new opportunities have been branded with me since I was little. In business, my job is not only to make sales for my company, more importantly is to expend a fruitul business relationship between my clients and my company, simply put, I am the bridge to connect them with beneficial oppotunities.It is my pleasure for you to get to know more about me. Last but not least, wish to see you in the near future and looking forwards to begin a fruitful business relationship with you.


I'm a receptionist here and welcome all the customers to the coolest showroom in Japan. I will assist you to find the best person for you and your needs whether that’s a sales representative, a mechanic and/or an insurance agent. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi, everyone! Thank you for visiting our website and take the time to get to know us. I am one of the staffs here and mainly help process the paperwork that’s necessary for exporting cars. I’ll do my best to carefully prepare the required documents as fast as possible so you will get your cars! Cheers!


Hi, I’m Shungo. I am the newest addition to ZEN CO.,LTD. I am confident to tell you that you are in good hands if you are already doing a business with us. We deliver your orders used or new with great care. Your loss is our loss. Your win is our win. If you are still thinking, stop thinking and try our service and you will not regret. Looking forward to working with you.


Hello, folks. I’m one of the sales representatives. Here is a little something about me. I was born in country, grew up playing basketball so I love basketball. I also like to read mostly mangas(Japanese comic books). I am passionate about what I do everyday which is to talk to my clients, find what they want and have satisfied customers. I think we both are in this business because we want to make people happy through cars, so let’s work together and make it happen!